IT Path Commercial, Goverment, Military Experience

Our clients turn to us time and again for their high-profile projects, including

- turned to IT Path to help staff several key SAR positions. Our consultants have worked to overhaul an existing community website to better enable collaboration, information sharing and dissemination of technical and strategic expertise within the Intelligence Community.

Flarion Technologies, Inc.
- Flarion Technologies is redefining the way we communicate through the development and deployment of FLASH-OFDM, an airlink technology enabling 'LAN-like' broadband communications in a cellular environment. Flarion, in alliance with strategic computing and wireless vendors, provides the RadioRouter basestation product line, PC cards modems, embedded chipsets, and system software to create an end-to-end FLASH-OFDM network for licensed operators.

We performed Systems Integration between network systems of this startup company and legacy telecommunications systems of Nextel, a market-trial customer. We delivered high-quality software components to integrate provisioning flows, accounting processes and network management systems.

FannieMae - we worked on the migration of a heritage Client-Server system to a Web-based Three-Tiered Architecture. Through software development, technical reccomendations, tool selection and support, we aided this large-scale effort.

- we performed rapid development of a Personnel System as part of an effort to migrate multiple disparate databases into a single Web-based System. This prototype was demonstrated to top CECOM civilian and military personnel in support of proposal efforts for a large Personnel System rewrite at the Army.

Titan Secure Systems
- our consultants managed the development of an Identification Card system consisting of Registration, Physical Access, ID Card production and Offline Verification. Our consultants presented this system to Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta.

Qwest Communications
- we provided management and development services towards development of a system which allows business users to review & modify details of their Network from internal Systems and Databases.